Calaveras Wine Industry Interviews

Over the course of the next few months we will be introducing you to the key players in the Calaveras Wine Industry. These are Wine Industry professionals (like Winemaker Ryan Teeter in the interview below), and supporters (such as Brian Goss, owner of the Murphys Historic Hotel). We are certain you have seen a few of these folks in your favorite tasting rooms and around Calaveras!


Ryan Teeter

Owner & Winemaker – La Folia Winery

Who are your wine industry heros? Who inspired you to drink and make great wine?

Michael Martella of Martella Winery,  Nathan Kandler of Thomas Fogarty Winery, Rich Gilpin of Lavender Ridge Winery

Jay Rambeau, a wine buyer for Bianchinis Market in Ladera California, taught me wine appreciation and tasted me on some incredible wines.

What was your first job “in the industry?” How did you start?

I was an intern, then the cellar master, at Thomas Fogarty winery in Woodside, California. I started as a home winemaker and was able to get an internship that developed into a career.


Do you have a favorite food and wine pairing?

I love dungeness crab with butter and fresh sourdough, paired with a Morgan Monterey Chardonnay.

Is there a common “myth” in the world of wine that you’d like to take the opportunity to debunk? (white wines only with fish, wine is made in the winery, alcohol levels in California are too high, the 100-pt wine rating scale is obsolete, etc.)

I hate the marketing term that we let the grapes express themselves. I mean what grape would select cultured yeasts and 100% new French oak?

Outside of Calaveras, what is your wine region of choice?

Piemonte, Italy

What do you consider to be the five most important items in your fridge right now?

Wine, mustard, salami, cheese, rum

If you could offer one piece of advice to someone who is interested in getting a job in the wine industry, what would it be?

Be prepared to work harder than you expect. You will not get much thanks, so be patient.