Super Bowl Wine & Food Pairings

shutterstock_247008301 pizza

Super Bowl Sunday is considered a holiday in my family, and with any holiday , the best part is the food. Last year we noshed on hoagies with cured meats, paired with rose’. And there was beer too. The great thing is that my family always incorporates the tried and true classics and a few new recipes to keep the snacking fun. We’ve taken a few of those classics and listed wine pairings for you below, all of these can be found in Calaveras County.

Sliders are the perfect guy food. Messy, cheesy, meaty and small enough so you have room for nachos and wings. We pair Grenache with ours, especially when we’ve piled on the ketchup. Think of Grenache like a Spanish Pinot Noir, light and versatile with balanced acidity.

Pizza is fun to make from scratch when you have a gathering, but if you don’t have a pizza stone or pizza oven you can always dial it in for delivery. No matter what toppings you have the key factor for this pairing is the tomato sauce. Aggressive tannins can make your sauce taste metallic. Try a Barbera with a more mellow profile, low tannins and high acidity like your sauce. This makes for a better compliment.

A big pot of chili on the stove is a great way to feed a crowd and Syrah can stand up to the spices. We recommend one that is peppery and full bodied to wow the fans.