G3 Enterprises, Inc

Located in Modesto, California, G3 Enterprises is owned by the third generation of the Gallo family with the vision of expanding services and increasing productivity to better serve the wine and spirits industry. With more than four decades of experience, we deliver results by building partnerships with our customers and suppliers.

We offer exclusive products and services in the following areas:
Custom and stock closures with a wide range of options
Custom label printing
Warehousing and third-party logistics services
Full-service bottling (on-site and mobile capabilities)
Winery services
Glass distribution
Bottle etching and decorating
Comprehensive technical and lab services

Wine & Spirits
We partner with wineries, winemakers, designers and distributors nationwide. We are flexible and willing to meet different customers’ demands.

We continue to work with a number of breweries to champion the emerging needs of this growing market in North America. We understand the passion of brewmasters.

Apple Cider & Juices
We are proud that many leading brands are entrusting our packaging and Logistics teams to manage their supply chain needs, particularly in the West Coast region.

Fancy Foods & Specialty Beverages
We are expanding into niche markets (such as olive oil, salad dressing, nutraceutical, energy drinks, tea, flavored water and flavored syrup) that aim for high-quality packaging similar to the requirements of the wine and spirits industry. Our customized labels and closures will make these unique brands stand out on the shelf. We can also provide transportation and warehousing services.


Six New and Interesting Products from the Unified Trade Show

Vivelys Introduces New Boisé® Inspiration Staves
The introduction of Boisé Inspiration staves marks the latest offering from a successful partnership between Vivelys and G3 Enterprises, which also distributes Vivelys’ Boisé oak chips