Copyright Infringement



Web-Sourced Imagery

We all want our web and social media marketing to look good and a picture is worth a thousand words right? But if you’re sourcing your imagery from the web, your picture can also be worth a thousand dollar fine.

Recently, the CVB has been hit with three separate copyright infringement notices from images supplied by our members for calendar submissions or online marketing. And although our site is more high profile, which attracts more scrutiny, you are very likely to be at risk too if you’re using web-sourced images.

We are very scrupulous in making sure we can attribute the images we use to specific photographers/designers, and on the rare occasions we use a commercially copyrighted image, we make sure to purchase the appropriate license. And that, I’m afraid, is the rule for everyone. Simply doing a google image search for “copyright free images” for the perfect photo for your blog is, unfortunately, not good enough. The rule is: when in doubt, assume copyright.


Check out the Calaveras Visitors Bureau for more of the article.