Social Media Workshop 3/31

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Free to CWA Members with a $10 donation to the Murphys Creek Theatre

Workshop Description:

Lucky number 7.  It’s a common practice in traditional marketing to have your business offering displayed to your potential buyer 7 times before they purchase. How does the rule of 7 apply to Social Media when interest targeting is so much more trackable nowadays?  In this workshop, winery owners and entrepreneurs alike can learn not only how to target their ideal buyers but how to convert them again and again with behavior-based offerings on online media channels.


Learn how to package your products to specific audiences and maximize your ROI with remarketing.  Participants can expect to come away with a workable toolkit, and an increased knowledge of how to use advertising platforms on Facebook, Instagram and Google. Join us for the most useful 2 hours you will spend this month to grow your business.


About Us:


The Get Smart Group is a local Calaveras County based company made up of a virtual team of marketing superstars with all the tools to bring a small business to a whole other level of sales, marketing and brand recognition.  We look at a business owner’s goals, market, and offerings and create a big picture strategy.  We give you the tools to go to the next level and achieve your goals with measurable results and trackable data.


Our specialty areas include systems, process and sales consulting, lead conversion websites, social media management and ad campaigns, sales training & creation of sales pipeline funnels. We can work with your company from the ground up to strategize and create effective marketing and sales tools.


Part 1: Converting Potential Buyers with Social Media – (45 minutes)

  1. About your hosts

  2. The Rule of 7 in Marketing

    1. Traditional Marketing versus Social Media Marketing

    2. Your potential buyer – Targeted Marketing Campaigns

    3. The Power of Remarketing

  3. Maximizing your ROI

    1. What to consider

    2. What to test and how to test it

    3. Your ideal marketing budget percentage


Part 2: A look under the hood – How we implement an online advertising strategy  – (30 minutes)

  1. Creating a Strategy for all Types of Leads

  2. Pixels, Websites and You

  3. Tracking ROI

  4. When and How to Evaluate Results


BREAK – 10 minutes


Part 2: Workshop – (30 minutes)

  1. Create Your Toolkit

  2. Q&A

  3. Keep in touch – next steps