The Calaveras Wine Industry is alive and flourishing. The quality of our Wines and Winegrapes are being recognized in National Publications and receiving high awards at Regional, National and International competitions. Vineyards are gaining recognition as many Wineries are printing Vineyard designations on their Wine Labels. Our vision is to aspire to become a unified, self-sustaining Winemaking and Viticulture Community that is innovative and builds on cooperative progressive ideas. We strive to develop Calaveras County as a Destination Wine Region that honors our unique heritage, encourages a healthy lifestyle and presents a relaxed and casual atmosphere.

Why join the Calaveras Winegrape Alliance?

Whether you own a winery, grow winegrapes or have an additional interest in the success of the Calaveras County wine industry, there are many outstanding reasons to become a member of CWA

Marketing Programs – The opportunities are endless towards building the awareness of Calaveras County as a premium wine region which will ultimately stimulate interest and demand for our local wines. Effective marketing programs will provide a constant stream of exposure and information about our members to the media and the public, at large. This includes Brochures/ Members Directory, an engaging website, email updates, and advertising, just to name a few. Businesses that support the wine industry will find unlimited possibilities to showcase their products and services. Cooperative partnerships will stimulate and enhance the Calaveras County experience.

Promotional Programs – The growth of our wine industry generates multiple opportunities which enhance our existing events and create successful new events that will bring more tourists to CalaverasCountyand our wineries tasting rooms. Fulfilling tourists’ basic needs, such as, food, lodging, events and additional recreational resources opens the doors for cooperative partnerships and collaborative promotional programs.

Education and Research – Members are invited to attend all existing educational programs. Grape and Wine Education Meetings are held the first Friday of each month. Guest speakers include viticulturalists, plant biologists, entomologists, wine brokers and other professionals who represent the wine industry and agriculture in general. Wines of the World, is held monthly, generally on the second Wednesday of each month. Wine Industry speakers present a varied selection of wines for guest to sample, discuss and compare. Sessions typically include a featured varietal, region, or essence style tasting. Specific meeting details can be found on the CWA website. The CWA is currently building a viticulture and enology library that is accessible to all members.

Monitoring of Local Governments – As the government continues to become more involved in every level of business it is imperative to keep apprised of constantly changing regulations. The CWA in conjunction with other Wine Industry associations strive to stay abreast of issues that may affect personal property rights, water rights, agriculture rights, liquor licenses and other legal challenges. The CWA is there you represent you!

Membership Levels

Winery Members –  $1,000 Annually

(Must have a bonded winery or licensed tasting room in Calaveras County. A business legally located within Calaveras County that produces wine by custom crush may also be admitted as a Winery member.)

Winery Membership Benefits

  • A listing and link to your website on the CWA website, the new CWA app, the CWA tasting room map, the CWA complimentary tasting note booklets, the CWA Year Round Passports, and the CWA brochure/ member directory.
  • Discounts on CWA Events
  • Invitations to free Member-only events and classes

Winegrape Grower Members – $150 Annually

(Must have “planted” winegrapes in Calaveras County)

Grower Membership Benefits

  • Membership includes a listing and link to your website on the CWA website and app.

Industry Members – $300 Annually

Businesses that support the wineries and growers and tourism efforts of Calaveras County.

Industry Membership Benefits

  • Membership includes a listing and link to your website on the CWA website and app.
  • Send us information about events and discounts to post on our blog.

Associate Members – $35/person or $50/couple per calendar year

(Individuals that are socially interested in being an active partner with the Calaveras County wine industry.)

Associate Membership Benefits

All memberships are subject to the discretion of the Board. To inquire about membership please contact us!